Glass Digital regularly creates graduate jobs in Newcastle. Leaving university can be particularly daunting, especially if you’ve enjoyed the shelter of full-time education for 16 consecutive years, but luckily, we have a plan for you. We are fully equipped to employ graduates and introduce them to the business above entry-level. We appreciate the length of time you have spent studying and this is reflected in your work responsibilities and the salary you are offered.

We enjoy several partnerships with universities in the local area: over 90% of our employees have attended either Newcastle or Northumbria University, and we are happy to accept applications even if you have not yet finished your studies. Several of our employees were invited to work here on a full-time basis after impressing us on a university placement, and some of those were offered jobs before they even completed their studies.

While it is preferred that your degree is in the same area as your prospective job, this is not essential. As long as you are hard-working and have transferable skills, we are always happy to receive graduate job applications. Here is an example of a graduate who completed his degree before deciding to embark on a digital marketing career:

Chris Thompson
Digital Content Executive

I decided to read law at university after taking it in college and finding it interesting. I was recommended to attend Northumbria University for their prestigious four-year masters course, and after being impressed by the syllabus and the campus, that’s where I decided to study. I had aspirations of working in the legal profession, either as a solicitor or a barrister, depending on which I enjoyed most in the course of my studies. I figured that because I had four years to make a decision, I would cross that bridge when the time came.

While law is very entertaining in that the listed academic cases are usually quite outlandish or obscure, it became apparent midway through my second year that practising law was not for me. While I do find the academic and theoretical side very interesting, I could not imagine myself in a fee-earning situation, where the majority of solicitor work is very administrative and bureaucratic — especially for the first ten years or so. Perhaps that’s unfair, but it’s how I feel. Having been halfway through my degree at that point, I felt that dropping out would be a waste of my time, so I stuck it out until the end, obtaining a second-class master’s degree with full honours.

I came out of University not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, and worked a few sales jobs to keep money coming in. I had always been interested in writing, using my spare time to write for sports blogs, fanzines, and websites, as well as writing a few short fictional pieces. My interest in writing led me to apply for a job at Glass Digital, who did not hold my lack of experience or qualifications in digital marketing against me. They saw that I had the drive and enthusiasm to learn, and that some of the skills I had developed in the course of my degree, although wholly unrelated on the surface, were transferrable to a copywriting job. I was delighted to be offered a position in the business and do not have a single regret over changing careers. At Glass Digital I am held with the same regard as colleagues who completed a job-related degree, and my shortcomings are compensated with expert training from experienced colleagues and senior staff. I can still put my advocacy skills to good use, only now, the moot is centred on the correct use of a semi-colon.