Work Placements

Interested in a career in digital marketing? Our university placement scheme allows students to gain valuable work experience during their sandwich year — and potentially earn a permanent place in the Glass Digital team.

Our work placement schemes offer students genuine insight into the world of digital marketing. You'll get hands-on experience working on client campaigns, and develop valuable skills that can't be taught in the lecture hall.

We have strong relationships with local universities, and a history of successful placements with Newcastle and Northumbria students. Here's the three-step process that could see you become a fully-fledged Glass Digital team member:

  1. Placement year: Join us on your university sandwich year to experience digital marketing in a professional setting. Break up your studies with a practical form of learning, and show off the skills you have already developed.
  2. Part-time work: Impress us during your placement year, and you may be offered the opportunity to work part-time in your final year of study. This allows you to blend your university studies with on-the-job learning.
  3. Full-time job: If you are a good fit for Glass Digital, and you’re sure that we’re a good fit for you, then you could go into a full-time role straight from university. You'll put all your knowledge into practice and get a salary that rewards your experience.